Firm Profile

Gibbons & Conley has turned 40 years old.  Far from being middle aged, in the Legal profession that means the firm is now recognized as having both substance and sticking power.    Internally, we think it shows that we have actually earned the grey hairs (or lack of hair) on our heads (all on behalf of our Clients, naturally) and can proudly show how we have accumulated this valuable wisdom and enviable reputation.  The proof is in our public entity, private business and individual Clients who have kept us close by their sides and providing valuable counsel to them for years …if you were to ask them they would tell you that we are very adept at helping them to anticipate and mitigate future hazards before they get out of control.

We are easy to contact, and pleasant to interact with.  We are great listeners, experienced legal “escapologists” (we help you escape from the clutches of tricky legal situations) and we always provide you with valuable counsel.

Our mission is to solve Client problems while understanding their needs and the constraints of the situation that they are in.

Our values are:  Tenacity; Patience; Assuming nothing; Rigorous questioning/Discovery; Tapping into the appropriate experts; Making valuable introductions for Clients; Celebrating the victories.

While we may be easy to work with, we are also tireless advocates for you.  We will find the optimal path to a successful resolution for you, however that may look.  Or, we will wrestle the bear (your legal opposition) to the ground in court, if that is what you want or need.

In contrast to many law firms that you might interview and consider, our lawyers all have substantial court experience and have all tried jury cases to conclusion, including litigation defense cases.  This has included both state and federal courts, including state and federal appellate courts. Needless to say, we also have the equivalent and requisite experience in scenarios involving binding arbitration.

Here goes with the list of lawyer-qualification-relevant details that are beloved by other lawyers (as well as by the mothers of lawyers):

Our areas of Practice include: Civil Litigation, General Tort Defense, Police Tort Defense, Labor and Employment Litigation and General Municipal Law.

Extensive experience working as general counsel for public and private sector self-insurance pools; casualty and employment practices defense; business litigation; and tort claims defense for municipalities, housing authorities, school districts, self-insurance pools, insured and private self-insured entities and insurance carriers.  We have also accumulated a critical mass of experience involving cases where video footage is used as testimony.

Litigation defense practice includes all types of casualty losses, personal injury and property damage claims, errors and omissions, condemnation, inverse condemnation defense, civil rights, construction litigation and insurance coverage litigation. The firm has extensive litigation experience in state and federal courts, at the trial and appellate levels. Martindale-Hubbell rating for each partner is AV (“from Very High to Preeminent”).